To all da’ kick ass Mamas… Happy Mother’s Day!

I wanted to take a quick moment to recognize all the Moms out there today. Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you are all relaxing… feet up.

I haven’t been a mother for that long. And as amazing an experience it’s been, it’s also hard at times. Very hard. We tend to only share the positive side of motherhood. But there’s also a dark side…. to which I say: It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. It’s OK to want to run for the hills some days. It’s OK to want to pull your hair out. It’s OK to crave your pre-child life once in a while. It’s OK to whine… and it’s OK to wine!

Being a mother now myself, makes me appreciate my own mother more than ever. I wish all of you mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! But I wish my mom the happiest of all…

OK.  Sensitivities aside… Let’s get back to Red Whine business as usual… Below are some Mother’s Day truisms I thought we mother’s could all appreciate.

It’s your day Mom. So try to sit back and relax. ‘Cause tomorrow will be here before you know it… 364 long-ass days until you will feel appreciated again. So pour your poison, and enjoy the day.


Don’t thank me yet, Kiddos! We’ve still got a long way to go…


It is indeed. It’s also why Mommy drinks!


Then stop thinking about it, you weird ass kid. Plus, we can’t afford therapy you’ll need if you do!


True. That’s why Mommy is making up for lost time!


No worries, I lost my shit a long time ago!


Oh, don’t apologize to me, Honey. Apologize to your Daddy!


Wanna bet?!? Here’s how it’ll go:

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring… Get the picture?


I gave up on both a while back… Jist keep your sticky little hands off my wine glass!

Happy Mother’s  Day to all you fabulously strong and fierce Moms out there.

Cheers, Red Whino


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