Is this Mama tired or shit-faced?


Ok… So this happened today!  I jumped in the pool for a swim. Dandy! And I later went grocery shopping. Groovy! But here’s the catch… I didn’t glance in a mirror before leaving the house. And what’s worse, no one bothered to mention that I looked like a friggin’ raccoon after a one-night stand.  Nope. No one!

Not my La La Land Husband, whom I had a full conversation with… like, a real-life, face-to-face, not over text from another room, or planet, type of conversation with! Nope. The fact that my mascara was smudged further down than my mom boobs was not brought to my attention.

And not the elderly cashier, with whom I also had a real-life, face-to-face, on this planet conversation with. She and I even talked about the f-ing weather. I mentioned it was raining out… which given my state of facial affairs would have been the perfect opportunity for her to inform me I looked like Mrs. Rocky Balboa!

And not the lovely young girl who packed my groceries. Who ironically, had her makeup done to a Picasso-meets-Kardashian caliber of friggin’ flawless perfection. I too talked with her, and made eye contact with her lovely faux-fur lashes. She was the tilted head, giggly, bubble bum smacking type. Aww, she’s  cute with a dash of ditzy, I thought. Charming really. Nope, in hindsight I realize she was just silently laughing at my graffiti-meets-Alice Cooper-meets-dogfood caliber of makeup. Her tilted head was her say of sending me her condolences.

And not the employee I stopped to ask where I’d find kids’ lunchboxes. Only, for the first time EVER, I didn’t have my kids with me. Which for me was a slice of heaven… but to that employee, I surely came across as a crazy lady with imaginary kids. Like please… I have three destructive children with ants in their pants, you think I also want imaginary ones?!

Alas, it was my 3 year old that pointed it out to me by innocently, and oh-so-subtely, asking “Mommy you didn’t wash your hands after your poopoo, and now it’s on your face.” Apparently the new definition of “shit faced”.

When I asked Hubby how he’d missed this, he said “I just thought you were tired”. No, really… That’s what he said. Verbatim. Tired.

Like, this is a worse offense than not mentioning spinach in one’s  teeth, non?

But at the end of the day, my 3 year old son has got this Mama’s back.  He’s always keeping a lovingly, watchful eye on his dear Mom. After bath time tonight, he was fascinated by his prune-like wrinkled finger tips. “Oh the beauty of innocence”, I lovingly observed. That is until he looked up at me… and back to his fingers… back at me… threw me that sweet excitable smile of his and said “Mommy, Mommy… my fingers are wrinkly like your face!”

Well, if I wasn’t already… I am now tired. Very tired. This hot mess of a Mama needs to get her pruny face off to bed for some apparently much-needed beauty sleep. ‘Cause I got myself a big day tomorrow… going to invest in some waterproof mascara (obviously), a hallway mirror (obviously), and whatever lil’ ole’ tired me wants on Dear Hubby’s dime (obviously). Nite nite! 😉

Cheers, Red Whino

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