A collision of fate…


I was in a minor car accident today. It was entirely my fault. I’m not going to bore you with the logistics of how it happened. But there are a few details you need to know for this story.

My 2 year old son, Tyler, was in the car with me. (He was completely unharmed). An elderly man was driving the vehicle I hit. The damage to his vehicle was substantially worse than mine.

Ok. So after the hit, the first thing I did was get my baby out. He was happy and smiling. All good. The man and I then looked to check the damage. I was shaking and crying. Not because I was hurt, not in the least. More so because I didn’t see the hit coming, so was more mentally shaken, if anything.

He was a grumpy-in-an-adorable-kind-of-way old school soul, lecturing me on “today’s generation”. We exchanged information. He said he’d have to get a quote and would send it to me… Obviously it being my fault, the damage would be mine to shoulder. Fair.

I called my husband. Bawling. He couldn’t have cared less about the damage, just that we were alright.

A few hours later the mechanic’s estimate came in at just under $3,000… for his car alone. Then I got a phone call from the grumpy-in-an-adorable-kind-of-way man whose car I’d hit. A call that would change my life…

He said “I’m just calling to wish you and that little boy of yours a Merry Christmas.” Ummm… OK?

“Merry Christmas,” he said again, “just worry about fixing your car. And I’ll worry about mine”.

I was speechless. I didn’t understand. Then he elaborated.

“Like you, I had 3 kids. And like you, I had a Tyler. But my Tyler was killed by a drunk driver when he was young. When I heard you say your son’s name today, I couldn’t help but think it was a sign. You’re in the thick of life right now, I remember how taxing those days were. So the least I can do is take a young mother’s stress away and give her a relaxing, worry-free Christmas with her family.”

What does one say? You don’t… There are no words.

It was the true meaning of “the gift of giving”. I don’t yet know why it happened to me. And I don’t yet know what I’m to do with it. But I do know that we always have to believe in the good in people. And to be the good. And to spread the good. That there truly are angels all around us… some named Tyler from up above, and others right here on earth getting hit by a very very grateful and lucky Mom who was fortunate enough to be able kiss and tuck her own angel into bed tonight… also named Tyler.

Cheers, xoxo

3 thoughts on “A collision of fate…

  1. A most profoundly touching story that touches me just that way.

    It transcends, Christmas,Hanukah and every other religious commemoration and celebration.It is humanity at its core.
    Then again, I always felt there is something magical about Tyler.He brings out the best, the purest sentiments of wonder and joy.




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