Blog Posts

It would appear my readers share the same warped sense of humor as me…

Happy Mother’s Day to U2… One Love.
My Mother’s Day Gift Registry
This Too Shall Pass… So enjoy it while you can!
Dear Non-Parents
Do I make you horny, Baby?
‘Dem Moms be smart asses… and pretty smart, too!
To my future daughter-in-laws
Shit Happens… Oh yes, it does!
Talk About Lucky!
I DO annoy you… for better or worse!
We Women gettin’ shit done dis’ Valentine’s Day
There’s No Wine in Patience… Or is there?
The March of Madness
Dear Non-Parents…
Fifty Shades of Baby… Just in time for Father’s Day!
Where Cougars Prey… and Young Boys Pray!
My Mother’s Day Gift Registry
Let the Potty Mouth Training Begin
WISH YOU WERE HEREditarily not like your Mama in her teen years
Is There Sex After Children
Sexually “Her-Ass” My Ass, Please
The Horror! The Whore!
Mama gonna knock you out, Bitch!
Mama Chewbacca is in da’ house
From Fat to Phat…
Monkey see. Monkey say.
The up side of down…
When in doubt, turn to Xanax!
2P or not 2P… That is the question!
I dreamed a dream…
Is there really life after children?
Where Cougars Prey… And Young Boys Pray!
Mommy can swing too, Baby!
Is the G-Spot really all it’s made out to be?
Ladies, get blogging… like, NOW! You can thank me later!
Half Assed Chivalry At Its Best!
Happy Mother’s Day to all da’ kick-ass Mamas!
My Mama always told me to use protection…
Will the real Louis Vuitton please stand up…
A Toast to my fellow Whinos!


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