For me, one of life’s “must-haves” is laughter… true, genuine, belly-aching laughter. So if you’re able to laugh about the stupid things in life, this blog’s for you!

I am the mother of three beautiful little boys. Collectively they are aptly called My Beasts… as they are known to be snuggly little beastly bears, or alternatively they will rip your tongue out.  I am also wife to my wonderful husband. He’s my everything… he even reminds me to change my underwear and clean behind my ears! One can only imagine where I’d be without him!

So get comfy, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy.


Kate Akman

4 thoughts on “About

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  3. It’s like you are still sitting beside me at the office. Only now, I’m laughing out loud alone !!! Love ya and miss ya. Your taller twin (Arnold).


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