Dear Younger Self… As you were!


I keep seeing these posts asking “if you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?”

Nothing, is my answer. Don’t get me wrong… I made A LOT of questionable, if not just plain stupid, decisions… and I acted on nearly ALL of them. I didn’t treat my body with the respect it deserved. I let the good guys go, and kept the wrong ones around. I broke hearts. I had my heart broken. I even broke my own heart at times. I lost some good friends through my actions. I didn’t listen to advice from those who cared most about me. I followed, even when my gut told me to run the other way. I was scared to be different. I missed opportunities because I lacked confidence. I never slowed down to take it all in. I didn’t sleep enough. I made impromptu decisions. I didn’t always consider the consequences. I was selfish at times. I was disrespectful at times. And I can’t say I always gave it my best.

Do I have regrets? Sure. Some. But not a lot, because even the bad made me better. So it’s hard to regret any of my younger choices, as they are what got me to where I am today. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And I’m more than alright with who I am today.

It’s not to say I’m now perfect. It’s not to say I won’t continue to make bad decisions. It’s not to say I don’t still question myself, daily. The evolution continues. Because I now face a whole new set of challenges that my younger self didn’t have… parenthood, career, marriage, larger financial responsibilities, aging parents, etc.

So no. I wouldn’t tell my younger self to change anything.

And when I’m 80, I hope to look back on ALL my younger years, and still feel the same.

Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Because when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Cheers, xo

2 thoughts on “Dear Younger Self… As you were!

  1. Love this: Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Because when nothing is certain, anything is possible. xo

  2. As I read this, and especially the bulky second paragraph, I realized that I could have written almost the exact words about my own much younger self. YOU made it to adulthood in one piece and came out shining. Cheers!!!


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